SONG OF THE DAY Kamal Keila – Taban Ahwak

The story of the label that has reissued today’s glorious song goes back to 2012 when Berlin DJ, record collector and Jakarta Records label owner, Jannis Stürtz was touring round Morocco in search of old vinyl records. (See more from this label on my pages here).

A chance visit to a second-hand electronics repair shop (that was previously a record shop owned by a man who used to run the Mekauiphone music distribution business in Casablanca) introduced him to a wealth of hidden vinyl gems where Stürtz has reportedly recollected, “You could still see in the back there were stacks and stacks of records

This fluky discovery has since taken him across the Arab nations where he has hunted down and purchased a rare (and rapidly growing) collection of LP’s and dusty cassettes, and although there are many labels out there carrying out similar work, Stürtz has explained how his label focuses on Arabic-based funk, a sound that had been all but overlooked and forgotten….until he came along!

Habibi Funk Records  is dedicated to unearthing and thus reissuing the wealth of Arabic funk-based music that has been discovered by Stürtz on his travels and his collection of Arabic Funk, Jazz and other organic sounds are in the process of being re-released!

Taban Ahwak is a Jazz track from Sudanese singer, Kamal Keila.  Active from the late 1960’s, Keila’s work incorporated a wide range of influences ranging from afro beat to funk and was very often politically orientated.  Recording in both Arabic and English, Keila never failed to harmoniously incorporate Eritrean, Ethiopian, Shilluk, Dinka, South Sudan and South Kordofan beats and melodies in his multi-diverse music.  Taban Ahwak is to feature on the upcoming album, Muslims and Christians which will release on Habibi Funk on 6th July.  It’s a beautiful warming track with mellow jazz undertones, soulful horns and soaring vocals…Check it out above and pre-order the whole album from here

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