Well, holiday time has come round again and I’m taking a week off so, as I always like to do, I have left a little selection of songs to keep you going until my return! …I’m already looking forward to catching up with lots of music next week!!

Hugh Malekela – “Afro Beat Blues”

South African trumpeter, flugel hornist, cornetist, composer and singer, Hugh Malekela was considered an Afro-jazz legend.

Blending a fusion of genres such as R&B, funk and pop he created a sound that attracted audiences from around the world.  Known as the “father of South African Jazz,” Hugh Masekela was even known to dabble in a bit of dance music, mixing Afro-pop with disco!   Afro Beat Blues demonstrates this perfectly and although this track was originally released in 1975, it didn’t actually surface until it appeared on a 2006 compilation.  It’s cool funk-beat was welcomed on the dance floor, blending the perfect mix of horns and groove guitar; not to mention how it also pays tribute to the father of Afrobeat: Fela Kuti! Check it out below

Shawn Lee and The Soul Surfers – “Jose Chicago”

Released only two days ago Shawn Lee and the Soul Surfers eponymous border-breaking album has been a record described as deep in “raw grit and musical exploration!”

The collaboration up of the London-based American producer/composer/musician Shawn Lee, together with Russian soul, psych-funk band The Soul Surfers has produced an enticing project that crosses genre, age and world politics; thus proving that (as described on their Bandcamp page):  “Music is Truly the International language and it’s not where you’re from, but where you’re at!”  

Jose Chicago is just one of nine belting soul-funk tracks on the album, but this one opens with an instant ear-catching beat that I just can’t resist..and invitingly pleasing as it starts, so it continues in the most soulfully funky manner!…lovely stuff!! Listen below and grab yourself a copy of the album from here.

Gene Vincent – Jezebel 

Written in 1951 by Wayne Shanklin and originally recorded that same year by Frankie Laine, Jezebel  was later covered by Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps in 1956.

Although I love both versions so, so much, Gene Vincent’s rendition is just one of my favourite rockabilly songs ever! What more do I need to say! Listen below

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