SONG OF THE DAY Boco – Running The Mardi Gras

Though it wasn’t entirely great having to tear myself from the ocean to return from my lovely break, it is so good to be catching up with some music, that is one thing I’ve looked forward to!  Today’s soulful little number is something I stumbled upon whilst I was away and my discovery is all thanks to this mixcloud radio show!  It was here that the opening track weaved its magic in an instant and within seconds I was captivated whilst desperately trying to find out what it was!

Originally released by Laughing Eye Records in 1972, Running The Mardi Gras is an ultra rare 45 performed by a group called Boco.  Those lucky enough to find an original copy of this record are more than likely looking to pay between £500-700 for a copy, but fear not, for Brooklyn label Big Crown Records reissued this classic psych-soul track just a couple of years ago and their asking price is a lot more reasonable!  Together with this reissue, Big Crown Records have also included an interesting write-up covering the song’s background, this you can read here. 

Apart from the gorgeous vocals (and this includes the glorious backing vocals too), the song’s rich earthy feel is utterly alluring and not too dissimilar to Elvis’ Crawfish.  As it builds for a nice little finale, the percussion is another feature I also need to praise with a large degree of enthusiasm!

Thanks Jimmythebrute for introducing this wonderful track! Listen above and purchase your copy from here. 

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