Like the zebra, Georgopoulos’ latest album revels in contrast / duality – Naturalistic + alien. Urban + rural. Calm + unsettling. Lucid + mysterious. Bold simplicity + fiendish complexity. The result is a portal to a more curious world that compels repeat visits” 

New York producer Alexis Georgopoulos, aka Arp, is to release a new album tomorrow which (so far) is proving to be a more experimental and non-structured affair to that of previous works.  Zebra is his first release in five years, following his 2013 psych/pop-influenced MORE record.

Following lead single Fluorescences,  second single Nzuku is a dreamy, cosmic collective of layered synths, piano and guitar.  Loosely structured and free-flowing this is the kind of track that achieves maximum effect with minimum effort; the textures drift in and out, fusing together in what feels like an infinite astral dream.  Check it out above and order your copy of Arp’s new record from here. 

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