SONG OF THE DAY Los Sospechos – Jano’s Revenge

The Car-Del Production team (Car-Del Productions being a subsidiary label to Colemine Records) first heard Los Sospechos at a tequila distillery, just outside of Las Cruces, New Mexico…and if being in a tequila distillery wasn’t already a bonus, stumbling upon this band was a complete result!

Their instant reaction to this music was that it would fit perfectly into the soundtrack to the 2010 feature film, Postales and so they set about achieving this goal.  With contributions from members of The Budos Band and Menahan Street Band, the raw and rugged sound of Los Sospechos is both tough and tender and proved to be a perfect accompaniment to the film (which I may now check out!).

Released in 2010 via Colemine Records, Jano’s Revenge is a mean instrumental track driven by dusty meandering bass, soaring, lonesome horns and a punchy rhythm. Check it out above and grab a copy of the original 45 from here.

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