SONG OF THE DAY Odetta Hartman – Widows Peak

New York/DC-based Odetta Hartman is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter who creates a very unique sound using a fusion of old country styles and new electronic productions. Her successful debut album, 222 was a bedroom-produced collection of songs that blended folk, musique concrète and psychedelia which was, by all accounts, met with critical acclaim. 

This August Odetta Hartman is due to release a new album entitled Old Rockhounds Never Die.  Heavily inspired by a trip to the New Mexican desert, first single Misery and today’s haunting Widow’s Peak both catch the haunting atmosphere of this expansive landscape, entwining dusty vocals with a lonesome banjo melody and the sizzling brush of subtle percussion. Check out the new single above.

Odetta Hartman will release her new record (the first in two years) on August 10th via Northern Spy and Memphis Industries.  Pre-order your copy from here. 

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