SONG OF THE DAY The Relatives – Don’t Let Me Fall

Rev. Gean West had been leading Gospel groups for almost 20 years when he formed The Relatives in 1970.  Whilst dedicated to spreading the word, his new band would have what West called a “street sound” as a response to the increasingly funky music of black America.

When they recorded the shimmering psych-gospel track,  Don’t Let Me Fall, it was the two younger members of The Relatives (Rev. West’s brother Tommie and guitarist Charles Ray Mitchell) and their love for Funkadelic and Eddie Hazel that very much steered the whole composition.  Self-released as a tiny batch of 45’s in the early 1970’s (and virtually impossible to find today), Don’t Let Me Fall was reissued three years ago on Daptone Records imprint, EVER-SOUL.

This is such a stirring song!  I love the way the guitar shimmers beneath the tremendous roar of the vocals and how the rhythm gathers in pace as vocals cry out Don’t Let Me Fall.  It took 30 years to unearth this track, but Daptone really nailed it when they reissued this diamond.  Check it out above and order the 45 from here. 

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2 Responses to SONG OF THE DAY The Relatives – Don’t Let Me Fall

  1. Michael Wehrman says:

    Such a great 45…I have the original issue on Hosanna….Gets better Everytime I play it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh wow!! You have an original issue!! I’ve just looked up the original on Discogs and although its on the database its never been bought or sold!
    It’s so rare!!! It was a self release! You are soooo lucky to have a copy of this!!
    That’s awesome!! 🙂 …and yes, its such a great track!


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