SONG OF THE DAY Kyanos – Thunder In Japan

So impressed with the homegrown (and very local to me) sounds of Suffolk’s Kyanos, I just had to feature one of their songs today.  At a local gig last weekend this 4-piece jazzy-psych band were recommended to me and, with a sound described as “a dreamy, milky jam session with distant vocals drifting in and out of focus,” how could I not be a little curious to see what they were like?  I was not disappointed and, being a huge fan of all things random and eclectic, this band were right up my street and to the door!!

Consisting of Zach Franklin, Fintan Wightman, Sam Golding and Seth Bauly, Kyanos are a band that “don’t like to stick to one particular sound or idea” andwith a sound they claim “is constantly evolving,” they are influenced by a wide range of artists such as, Tame Impala, The Doors, Homeshake and jazz harpist, Dorothy Ashby.  Speaking of their broad influences the band describes how, “this creates a more eclectic, diverse atmosphere in which we can explore many different musical paths that come together to create a more unique sound. We don’t like to stick to one particular sound or idea, we’re constantly evolving and taking influence from a wide range of genres and this is reflected in our music.” 

Seeing Kyanos live is quite a unique and hypnotic experience, one that leaves you guessing throughout; you don’t quite know what to expect or where they’re going to take you, but that’s part of the charm!  Fuelled by the psyched-out abandon that flows through this sound, you just find yourself willingly following….

Today’s song features on the band’s debut EP, Elevator To Japan, which was recorded entirely on phones and self-released in September last year.  Check it out above and find Kyanos on Facebook here. 

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