SONG OF THE DAY Barbatuques – Baiana

Brazilian record label Selva Discos was created by Millos Kaiser & Augusto Olivani (aka Selvagem) with the aim of unearthing overlooked and forgotten Brazilian music.

Currently the label have been releasing a series of reissued singles and in their forth instalment have featured the vibrant and rhythmic sounds of Barbatuques.  This well-known Brazilian group of body percussionists adapted today’s track back in 2005 when it appeared on their O Seguinte É Esse record.  The original is a modern folk song from Bahia composed by Maria do Carmo Barbosa, but it was the mouth harp sound and gorgeous, gigantic heavy thundering beat on the Barbatuques’ arrangement that imprinted its trademark sound and took it into an entirely different direction.  Check it out above and purchase the single from here.

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