SONG OF THE DAY Jonathan Richman – Let Her Go Into the Darkness

I don’t ever need much persuading to put a little Jonathan Richman on here, so when today’s song came up in a playlist I’d compiled a few months back, I looked no further for a song suggestion…

Jonathan Richman was one of rock’s most eccentric and unpredictable cult figures, a performer whose eternally childlike public persona and seeming naivety made him quite unique.  You only have to look at tracks like Ice Cream Man, I’m a Little Aeroplane and Hey There Little Insect to see this put into action.  He crafted his sound upon an array of different genres, from garage rock to country to Latin-infused styles and one of his greatest influences were the Velvet Underground.. I like the fact he’s eccentric and always have a lot of time for this man!  Today’s song (I believe) featured on his mid-nineties album, You Must Ask The Heart …check it out above.

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