SONG OF THE DAY Lucky Brown & The S.G.’s – Taterbug

“Lucky Brown wants his heart and his art to transmit an everyday people’s sound, made by everyday people, dedicated to the upliftment of all people.”

Composer Joel Ricci, a.k.a Lucky Brown, hails from Port Angeles, Washington, USA.  Accompanied by bandmates The S.G.’s (from Seattle, Washington), Lucky Brown is influenced by the great black artists: James Brown, Mulatu Astake, and Sun Ra.

Via his dozens of self-produced Deep Funk vinyl singles released in Europe over the past decade, he has become known worldwide as a deep funk pioneer.  The Lucky Brown Band performs and improvises over original, rudimentary and minimalist works conceived by Brown/Ricci himself as a humble offering and homage to the canon of great American Funk, Soul, Rhythm and Blues and Jazz music.

Joining Tramp Records in 2007, Lucky Brown is due to release third album, Mesquite Suite, with the label later this month and has so far shared four tracks from the forthcoming record.  Intoxicating and hypnotic with strong nods to the likes of Mulatu Astatke, Taterbug is a funk-packed instrumental with sinuous keys and locomotive horns, coupled with a very funky laid-back rhythm.  Check it out above

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