SONG OF THE DAY Barbara Dane – I Am a Weary and Lonesome Traveler

Though there have been many renditions of Lonesome Traveller over the years, Barbara Dane’s 1966 version has always struck a chord on my heart-strings.

Originally written as a skiffle song by Lee Hays and Walter Lowenfels in 1950, today’s song was first recorded by Pete Seger and The Weavers that same year.  Lonesome Traveller has also been covered by the likes of Lonnie Donegan, Charles Blackwell, Trini lopez and The Countrymen and Marianne Faithfull to name a few, but Barbara Dane and her divine voice does it for me!…

Earlier this year Washington, D.C label Smithsonian Folkways Recordings released a 2 CD album entitled Hot Jazz, Cool Blues & Hard​-​Hitting Songs which covers Barbara Dane’s extensive musical history in folk, blues and jazz.  Out of the 38 featured tracks, the collection features 14 never-before-released recordings including collaborations with Lightin’ Hopkins, the Chamber Brothers, Doc Watson, Pete Seeger, Memphis Slim, Willie Dixon and many more!..and in total the 2 discs extend over a 150-min long bumper Barbara Dane fest and opens with today’s heart-wrenching soul-churner..Listen above and check out the rest of the double compilation album here. 

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