SONG OF THE DAY Barbara Dane – You Don’t Know Me/You Don’t Know My Mind

How much do I love this woman!! Following yesterday’s Barbara Dane stunner, I couldn’t resist following it up with this feisty little number..and given half the chance I’d happily have a ‘Barbara Dane month!’

This epic lady, a singer/activist and founder of Paredon Records, has been making music since the late 50’s and still shows no signs of giving up!

You Don’t Know Me/You Don’t Know My Mind (or in some cases simply, ‘You Don’t Know Me’) is the opening track from her 1964 Barbara Dane Sings The Blues album which includes original material, as well as songs by Tampa Red, Willie Dixon and Ma Rainey!  Although this composition is entirely Dane’s own, the original song goes way back, with what could be the original recording by Virginia Liston in 1923!

It’s a fiery, spirited, bittersweet blues belter with Barbara Dane’s soulful hollers proclaiming, ‘You don’t know me, you don’t know my mind…’  Check it out above.

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