SONG OF THE DAY Grinderman – Kitchenette (RAK Sessions)

I can never watch and listen to this without a huge grin smeared all over my face, its sooo satisfyingly unhinged and frolicsome.  Nick Cave’s growls and howls are wired, there’s fun in his animated “tippy toe, tippy toe lines whilst Warren Ellis’ roaring guitar is just savage and untamed…tell me you’re not smiling at the screen now!!

Kitchenette featured on Grinderman’s 2010 Grinderman 2 album with the RAK session/s (as seen above) performed and recorded that same year.

Opening with the line, “I keep a hanging round your kitchenette, ‘cos I gonna get a pot to cook you in, I stick my fingers in your biscuit jar and I crush all your gingerbread men,” this song is a playful, edgy romp from start to finish and one of Grinderman’s more finer performances as far as I’m concerned…. It’s tense and electric and, as the lines so perfectly state, it makes it hard to relax.’  Check it out above.

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