SONG OF THE DAY Jackson C Frank – The Spectre

Although Jackson C. Frank only released one official album in 1965, there is a lot more to be discovered if you dig a little deeper.

Known as one of the forgotten legend’s of the 60’s, the story of Frank’s life is a tragic one and although he is now known as one of the great singer-songwriters of the 1960’s folk scene, when he died in 1999 at the age of just 56, his name had long faded into obscurity and he left this world penniless and homeless.  If Frank could have anticipated and known how the legacy of his music has continued to influence and inspire to this day, he could perhaps have departed a far happier man; but it’s good to think that his songs still have such an effect on all those lucky enough to stumble upon him..

In 2003 re-issue label Castle Music released Blues Run The Game, a double album that included an expanded edition of Jackson C. Frank’s sole eponymous LP, seven songs that were recorded for his aborted second album, eight previously unreleased recordings from the mid 70’s, six tracks from a failed studio project in 1994 and a series of kitchen recordings which were done in 19979 prior to his death in 1999).  The Spectre, in all its brief and darkened glory, appears on this record.  Check it out above and listen to more Jackson C. Frank on my pages here.

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