SONG OF THE DAY Tim Buckley – Cafe

Out of all Tim Buckley’s colourful albums I think that his 1969 Blue Afternoon is one of my favourites.  Yesterday I featured The River (stunning track) and have since spent most of the day listening the rest of the record, because once I start with Tim Buckley, I can’t usually stop.

In both Cafe and The River I find myself enchanted by the lyrics, where one or two lines have embedded themselves into my head, casting profound imagery.. Buckley’s voice only heightens their potency with lines such as, “she had those sad china eyes, that sang each time she smiled” and “we waltzed to our heart beat, all around, the sea was swaying, the breeze was praying, never to leave her alone” …I can just sit and get lost in songs such as these.  Cafe is slow and alluring, gradual and intoxicating as the melody creeps along, hovering, drifting, allowing each word to crawl and settle upon the surface of your skin before the next line glides in.  Tinged with a touch of haunted sadness the pangs of a depleting love closes the song with the line, “Ah, her every move, just like a fever, burnin’ inside would not leave me.”  Listen above…

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