SONG OF THE DAY Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – There’s Something Wrong With You

Does it matter that this song sounds quite a lot like I Put a Spell on You?  I mean, who else could snarl about “monkey toes and strain beans,” whilst howling out the lines “Big barbecue gorilla riffs,” whilst all the time making it sound this good!!!

There’s Something Wrong With You first appeared as the b-side to Hawkins’ 1958 hit, Alligator Wine and finds Screamin’ Jay puzzling over changes in his girl, exclaiming how there’s “something’s missing some place somewhere”…

Desperate to find out why she has changed and the cause of why she “looks like something else,” Hawkins’ threatens to leave, is determined to find out the cause and closes the song with the lines, “you swore up and down, that you would love me so, you said pumpkins would look like pickles, before you let me go” ….and in true theatrical Screamin’ Jay style this song is dramatic and playfully devilish!…Listen above.


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