SONG OF THE DAY Gavin Clark – The Russian

I have been saving up for Gavin Clark’s Beautiful Skeletons for quite some time now, but with an average selling price of just over £200, I’ve yet to justify the purchase..but he is a hero of mine and one of my all-time favourites so whatever happens, one day I will own a copy of Beautiful Skeletons, whatever the price!

His music just always makes me feel alright and turns even the worse moment into something magic..I love him, but I’m sure I’ve mentioned this on a few occasions!

Knowing the tragic fate of Gavin Clark, it does make you wonder how close and cutting his lyrics often were, like with today’s song.  The Russian is stunningly haunting and fragile, with Gavin Clark’s unique dusty-tone ruminating emotive and stirring lines such as, “I don’t need to need to figure out if I am blessed or I am cursed, there is darkness in the centre of every bone” and “there’s an inch of crimson thread sewn into my skin, a reminder of the truth, the hollow I am in..” 

Whether this song is an offering into Clark’s brittle mind, I can only speculate, but this song goes straight to the soul and for me that is where it has always remained. This poignant song is a special one, but there is not one Gavin Clark song that I do not love….Listen above.


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