SONG OF THE DAY The Sonics – He’s Waitin’

The Sonics were the essence of rock’n’roll: loud, raw and uncouth!  Some would say that they were one of the first proper punk/garage bands to emerge out of the 60’s and that their aggressive sound, brash presence and unconventional style was both a defining and pioneering feature.

Over the years their music has been a major influence on punk, garage, grunge and rock, with various bands and artists citing them as a chief inspiration including Nirvana, Bruce Springsteen, The Cramps and the Fall.

Taken from Boom, The Sonics second LP which was released in 1966, He’s Waitin’ is a wild and unleashed frenzy of fuzzed out guitar and howling lyrics.  Exploding as they proclaim, Well, Satan found out,” the song announces the consequences, explaining “Now you’re gonna learn, that lying don’t pay, it’s too late (it’s too late), you lied (you lied), now you (now you). Will fry (will fry)” …the devil surely is Waitin’…. Check it out above!

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