SONG OF THE DAY Cool Ghouls – Gord’s Horse

Image may contain: one or more peoplePerhaps a far more sedate and laid-back affair to what I generally post, but Gord’s Horse struck a chord in me today and perhaps was the serene escape I really needed but just hadn’t realised!?

San Franciscan 4-piece Cool Ghouls consists of members, Alex Fleshman, Pat McDonald, Pat Thomas and Ryan Wong.  Classing themselves as a rock’n’roll band, this young outfit cites (according to their Facebook page) tall cans, 40’s, blunts, parties, guns and crime as influences!

Self-releasing an eight track cassette last year, the tour-only document entitled Gord’s Horse has since become available on Melodic and Empty Cellar Records.  Fusing lo-fi country/psych rock with experimental flourishes, the band create a sound incorporating  “acoustic guitar, mellotron, a drum loop, and other shit…!” 

 The album is now available to purchase/listen to and can be found here. 

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