SONG OF THE DAY Grinderman – Mickey Mouse And The Goodbye Man

Image result for mickey mouse and the goodbye manNick Cave, Warren Ellis, Martyn P. Casey and Jim Sclavunos unleashed this violent beast on Grinderman’s 2010 album, Grinderman 2.

Opening track Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man is a story of two sibling psychopaths and their nameless prisoner.  Out of the two, Cave is the lesser of the two evils and the song begins when Cave gets up one day exclaiming how, “I woke up this morning, And I thought what am I doing here?”

Helpless to stop and control his brothers mounting anger, the catastrophic situation escalates as his brothers rage begins to spill over onto the hostage and Cave can only look on as his brother “starts raging,” helplessly watching him “rising” and “howling”.  Clearly remorseful, but far too involved to pull out of the worsening situation, Cave woefully declares how “we sucked her and we sucked her and we sucked her dry” as he describes himself as “Mickey Mouse” and his brother as the “big bad wolf.”  Driven by a dark, meaty and intensely insane bass line, the song steers into the realms of the deranged, easing into tense lows before accelerating full pelt into erratic, insane highs…

It’s another Grinderman corker! Check it out above.

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