SONG OF THE DAY K. H. mirth – Falling Over

Image may contain: 4 peopleThree days ago I featured a superb track by Leicester’s, Thee Ludds (and I dare say I’ll be featuring some more soon).  Their most recent project sees 3/4 of the quartet joining forces with past members of Earth Rod.  Now known as K.H. mirth, the band consists of, S.J Jones on guitar/vocals, D.S Kelly on guitar/vocals, J.P Squires bass/vocals and E.J Warren on drums/vocals.

First single, Falling Over is definitely more post-punk than the more raw garage/psych-punk of Thee Ludds, but it’s so much more too! It’s catchy, oh so quirky, it’s got some nifty drumming and it’s definitely turning my head…and with lyrics urging you not to be afraid to “get fizzy, get hot, get slippy,” I challenge you not muster a wry grin and chuckle at this…and don’t even get me started on the hot dance moves they’re pulling!! Check the video out below!!

Both sides of the single can be streamed on K.H Mirth’s soundcloud page and pre-saved to spotify before release on 15th February, all the links are here

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