SONG OF THE DAY Ramases – Life Child

It’s not often I remember dreams in such vivid detail, but when I woke up this morning I still had the feeling of running, frantic running and panic! I had been trying to escape spaceships and aliens!  The air was red and it was one of those dreams that felt real even after you wake up, albeit hazy; the sensation, colours and smells were still very much alive in my mind!

Why am I recalling a seemingly random dream?? Well, when I was going through some emails this morning I had received this song as a recommendation.  On the front cover of the record sleeve the song was taken from is a spaceship and the title of the album, Space Hymns!!  I marvelled at the uncanny coincidence, had a listen and really enjoyed the track! could I not feature this!

Ramases pictureFounded in the late 60’s by Sheffield-born PE instructor Barrington Frost and his wife, Dorothy, Ramases were the product of a rather quirky inception.

In 1968, the story goes, during a drive to visit a client Barrington was visited by the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses who told him he was the Pharaoh’s reincarnation, and he must take up the Pharaoh’s message in a musical career!!..and this is exactly what he did!

In their early days, while recording in Strawberry Studios in Stockport, the psych-rock duo were backed up by soon-to-be-members of 10cc.  They released their first album Space Hymns in 1971, from which Life Child appears, with follow-up record Glass Top Coffin recorded in London in 1975.  The pair had hoped that this record would be their breakout album, but Barrington sadly died in 1976, their music soon fading into obscurity.. Listen to Life Child above.

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