SONG OF THE DAY Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – South American Folk Songs

Released in January 1977, Rock ‘n’ Roll with the Modern Lovers was Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers all-acoustic rock and roll album.  Not boasting the most highly acclaimed reception, the album did have the extremely endearing Egyptian Reggae and South American Folk Songs going for it and managed to reach number 50 in the UK album chart that same month.

Although not their debut, this record was quite significant in that it earned the band more recognition; this was mostly attributed to the popularity of Egyptian Reggae – one of two instrumentals on the LP which I really love…shame about the rest of the record, sadly it just didn’t do it for me unfortunately…but the two songs I do love more than make up for the ones I don’t, so I happily present South American Folk Songs!  Check it out above.

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