SONG OF THE DAY The Cramps – She Said (live in San Francisco)

Whenever I need to lighten up a little I know I can turn to today’s song for a much-needed boost!

Appearing on The Cramps 1984 album, Bad Music For Bad People, this has got to be one of the most beloved tracks in all the Cramps’ repertoire.   She Said was originally written and recorded in 1964 by the rockabilly legend of outsider music, Hasil Adkins.  Performing as a one-man band (playing guitar, drums, harmonica and toy horns all at the same time!), Adkins was a self-taught multi-instrumentalist with a natural penchant for the bizarre (read more about his song’s subject matter and you will see what I mean).

She Said tells the tale of the disturbing aftermath of a drunken one-night stand opening with the lines, “Why’s don’t I tell you what it is?/I wen’ out last nigh’ and I got messed up/When I woke up this mornin’/Shoulda seen what I had inna bed wi’ me/She comes up at me outta the bed/Pull her hair down the eye/Looks to me like a dyin’ can of that commodity meat”.  The Cramps version is bonkers, mind you, so is the original (see below).  I love this rendition, I love the extra lyrics thrown in and I love the beat…that remains a constant in both versions, though kudos to Adkins if for his multi-instrumentation!

Hasil Adkins wasn’t really wasn’t really a known artist at all until the Cramps raised his profile by recording She Said…Thank goodness they did is all I can say, or else I would still be sitting here with a long face! 🙂 Check it out above and watch the original below.

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