SONG OF THE DAY Bodega – Name Escape

Bodega: Embracing pretension and moulding it into their own shape.

Emerging in 2016 after former outfit Bodega Bay naturally petered out, Bodega are a New York band consisting of co-vocalist and songwriter Nikki Belfiglio, guitarist Madison Velding-VanDam, bassist Heather Elle and drummer Montana Simone.  With sound firmly rooted in post-punk this highly distinctive 5-piece are powered and punchy, fuelled by a desire to rid the world of apathy, reaching out for change and resistance.

Named after the corner shops that feed New York, Bodega are a hive of energy; start these up and it feels like someones plugged you into the mains, power flows, you can’t stop moving and you feel highly charged!

Currently amidst their European tour I was lucky enough to catch them last night and if you have be fortunate enough to see Bodega on one of their dates, you will know what I mean when I say that seeing them live is an experience you’ll not forget in a hurry.  All bands sound better in the flesh its true, but these merry punksters deliver humour and grit with kooky swagger.  Weaving the odd line from Madonna, Morrissey and Chuck Berry into the mix whilst Nikki Belfiglio yelps a kind of call and response vocal element, slicing through the heavy bass and thundering drums with effortless vigor…and the drums, in all their relentless glory, oh how they rumble and roll,  Montana Simone’s arms hypnotically flailing as if amidst a tribal dance; the rhythm section is fierce!

Name Escape highlights all the above elements perfectly, it’s catchy and dynamic with a groove that will make you move! Taken from their latest album Witness Scroll you can listen to that above and check out the band performing it live below.


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