SONG OF THE DAY Deliluh – Freeloader Feast

TAR091As I promised you all a couple of days ago, here is Deliluh’s latest single Freeloader Feast! Following last years debut LP Day Catcher the Canadian art-rock DIY’ers have returned with the first single from their upcoming five-track mini album Oath of Intent, which is due for release on May 3rd via Tin Angel (UK/EU) and Telephone Explosion (CA/US).

Fusing elements of punk, drone and experimental music into an organic, yet fiercely resonating sonic identity the groups latest collection of songs “tells tales that pick apart the conflict and unease within our human makeup, respectively inhabiting its characters and peering through anxious lenses at the past, present and future, with lyrical tenacity and razor-sharp tact”. 

The albums first single, Freeloader Feast is minimal in structure yet impacting in its delivery.  Spoken word is regimented, transmitting lyrics on the conflicted human psyche with sharp intensity and almost robotic expression..ironically.  Heavy bass looms in the background like distant thunder with the promise of an almost imminent deluge whilst drums thrash out a hypnotic beat and the repeated line (sounding more unhinged as the song goes on) exclaims, “first strings untied”.  Check it out above.

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