SONG OF THE DAY The Mystery Lights – I’m so Tired (Of Living in the City)

Ever had that grass is greener feeling, only to discover how much you really miss that something when you leave and how all the things that drove you away are actually what kept you there in the first place?

This is the story behind the Mystery Lights rousing new single I’m So Tired (of Living in the City).  Brooklyn’s finest psych-fuelled rockets announced the release of Too Much Tension last month, their second full-length offering which is to be unleashed next month via Daptone’s psych- rock subsidiary, Wick Records.

The track follows first single, Someone Else Is in Control and fiercely expresses the band’s discontent with city living.  Its fully loaded with all the glorious key ingredients that make the Mystery Lights so delectable: lashings of tasty psych-fuelled madness, hefty doses of thrashing rhythms, hearty measures of bass-infused goodness, with fiery vocals to heat the palate.  It’s all you could ask for and more really, but I’d expect nothing less!  Explaining the new single in a statement, front man Mike Brandon described it as “a song about being tired of traits often attached to the big city, but when you leave it, you realise how much you love it.”

It’s terrific…simple as! Go listen above!!

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