SONG OF THE DAY Daniel Norgren – Moonshine Got Me

Image result for Daniel Norgren buckA complete chance find led me to today’s oh-so-sweet-sounding song after I’d left Youtube playing to itself earlier today….I love it when this stuff happens!

Not a new artist by any means, Swedish singer-songwriter, drummer and guitarist, Daniel Norgren has been releasing music since 2006. Hailing from the ‘tall woods of the north’ his music has been issued through small indie label Superpuma Records ever since he began recording.  His debut album Kerosene Dreams was a modest affair, recorded purely on homemade instruments and less than two years later its follow-up Outskirt came out and since then there has been at least four more full-length offerings as well as a selection of EP’s and singles.  Joining Norgren on vocals/drums/guitar is Anders Grahn on upright bass with (sometimes) Andreas Filipsson accompanying the duo on a homemade organ.

Moonshine Got Me is a track that appeared on Daniel Norgren’s 2013 4th studio album Buck.  True to its name it ‘got me’ from the second it started playing and even though the intro is (wonderfully) scant and understated, these few delicate notes gripped me with a promise of something good to follow…and I wasn’t disappointed.  Stretching out for sizeable eight mesmerising minutes, the song’s lyrics are equally (and gorgeously) as sparse as the intro itself, as Norgren croons “Moonshine got me/Moo-o-o-oonshine got me.” Each line is repeated like a dulcet incantation and, aided by a heady, slick blues melody, seeps gently under the skin like a magical soothing balm….

Listen above and, if like me you are curious to hear more, check out the rest of the album here. 

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