SONG OF THE DAY The Modern Lovers – Walk up the Street

Throughout their career The Modern Lovers (consisting of the mighty Jonathan Richman on vocals/guitars, Jerry Harrison on piano/organ/backing vocals, Ernie Brooks on bass and David Robinson on drums) only ever recorded demos and live shows, but the demos were never released as albums until several years later.

One set of demos, produced by John Cale, were released as the band’s ‘first album’ in 1976 and was entitled The Modern Lovers and even though the artwork suggests the recordings were from 1971, they were actually recorded in 1972.  Another set of demos, produced by Kim Fowley, were released in 1981 as the band’s ‘second album’, The Original Modern Lovers.  

Taken from this album comes today’s punchy little number, Walk up the Street, a guitar-swirling beauty with rock’n’roll and punk coursing its melodic veins..another gem from the glorious Jonathan Richman! Check it out above.

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