SONG OF THE DAY Amnesty – Everybody Wants to be Free

Championed by Now-Again Records, Amnesty were an eight-piece band based in Indianapolis, USA during the early 1970’s.  Their sound was built upon a dynamic fusion of prog rock, rock, soul and funk which, although hard to catergorise, gave them an individual edge.

In 1973 Amnesty recorded five hard, vocal funk numbers alongside some ballads and a handful of demos based around nothing more than guitar accompaniment. Only two obscure 45’s were ever released, however and with no label-signing the band unfortunately never managed to progress to the next level.

Thirty three years after it was recorded and thanks to the great Now Again Records, their music has finally been released, giving this music the airing it so deserves! Most of these songs have never seen the light of day…until now…

Everybody Who Wants To Be Free is just one big happy chunk of funk and with a bass line like this, how could I not share!! Check it out above.

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