SONG OF THE DAY Pan & Regaliz – When You Bring Down

If Pan & Regaliz (originally entitled Agua de Regalizhad) had gone on to record more than just one album, would it have been as good as their 1971 self-titled debut?  We shall never know the answer to this unfortunately, for the recording career of this Spanish prog rock band was short-lived and less than a year after the release of  the release of their only album the band broke up.

Consisting of Guillem París (vocals, flute), Alfons Bou (guitar), Artur Domingo(bass) and Pedro Van Eeckhout (drums, percussion), Pan & Regaliz were initially signed to Barcelona’s Diábolo Records in 1970, releasing just one single with this label.  After a legal struggle they were signed to Spanish label, Dimensión and released what was to be their only album.  Not long after that Artur Domingo went to join the German-spanish prog-rock band Evolution (20) and Van Eeckout left to join the Spanish (Catalan) blues/folk/psychedelic Jarka, thus splitting-up the band.

Despite their all-too-brief career the band have gathered something of a cult following, their only LP becoming something of a collector’s item, fetching in the realms of £300 for a good copy; their music has even been sampled by the likes of Madlib who claims that Today It Is Raining is one of his favourite psych records!

When You Bring Down has a very striking riff not too dissimilar to The Doors’ Wild Child, perhaps that’s why I love it so much?…but no, in its own right this is a great track and one of my favourites from the album! Check it out above.

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