Image may contain: bedroom and indoorOne thing I’ve really noticed about London’s post-punk quartet, DROOL is that once their songs get into your head, they really get stuck there! Describing their sound as a blend of late 80’alt-rock with short 60’s melodic structures, latest track Junkyard demonstrates these catchy traits perfectly.

Shortlisted in Glastonbury’s 2019 Emerging Talent Competition, it was here that I first discovered them back in March…(I’ve just done a bit of research and it doesn’t look like they made it into the list of 8 finalists – though to be fair I’ve covered a couple of bands that were shortlisted and none of them have appeared on this list – it looks like all the bands I wasn’t so keen on ended up in this list…hmmm).  Regardless, I really liked DROOL’s debut single (find that here) and enjoy that their sound is easy on the ears and, like any good kind of earworm music, is real easy to latch onto.

New single Junkyard plays dynamically between quiet verse and loud chorus, the transition an unexpected treat, but one that re-enforces tormented lyrics as singer Joey Rogers exclaims, “In my head there’s a junkyard fixing up a be/ In my bed there’s a world that drives me round the bend/Why won’t you go mad with me?”  The melodic yells of the chorus are matched only by the song’s raucous ending and as it dramatically plays out on a high of howling guitars and thundering drums, it closes with the line, “I’m a troubled soul.”  

Check it out above, watch the accompanying video below and find all links/upcoming gig dates on their Facebook page here. 

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