SONG OF THE DAY PowerSolo – Sasquatch

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing“Massive and mobile, revved-up and smirking, wired manic relentlessness with polished precision musicianship and plenty of gratuitous sonic elegance and refinement within their genre-shifting role playing. But no matter what they try these guys can really make it come to life”

I couldn’t really put the above statement any better which is why I’ve opened today’s post with this completely accurate, absolutely spot on description of today’s band (as quoted from their Bandcamp page).

I’ve got a list of memorable gigs which I hold dear to my heart.  These shows, for one reason or another, have completely blown and etched a place in my mind.  Whilst at a festival this weekend I was fortunate enough to catch a band, a band that I’ll certainly not forget in a hurry and one that is more than worthy of a place on my list!

Founded in 1996 by front man Kim Jeppesen, a.k.a “Kix” (guitars/vocals), PowerSolo are a band that were first established over 20 years ago.  Originally consisting of Kix, his brother Bo Jeppesen and a drummer, 2013 brought a change of line-up and now the trio are currently made up of Kix (as above), Anders “Peasoup” Pedersen (Guitar/Lap-stell/ guitar/keys/backing vocal) and Mike “ZACK” Sullivan (Drums).

Inspired by the likes of Ween, Chuck Berry, The Fall, JSBX and The Cramps to name but a few, their sound matches their eclectic musical taste perfectly, offering a highly charged, genre-defying amalgamation of rockabilly, country, blues, surf, psych and punk; thus creating what they themselves have called “Donkey Punk”.

Not only an audio dream, PowerSolo are also a visual delight and if you are ever lucky enough to catch them live, you will see what I mean – In fact if I hadn’t have seen them live I may not have been ranting so much about them now!  Their energy is relentless, charisma is in no short supply and the power generated when they are in full-flow is electrifying! I don’t think I stopped grinning the whole way through; mind you, neither did the drummer! Kitted out in a fetching headband and shorts combo whilst hurling out the most bodacious beats, I don’t think I witnessed one single moment when he wasn’t smiling; but I’m sure that if I could play drums like this and had the pleasure of watching Kix charging across the stage doing his finest Chuck Berry duckwalk on a regular basis, I think I’d be beaming 24/7 too!  Anders “Peasoup” Pedersen offered up some impressive guitar licks and for a whole 45 minutes I was transfixed!

Under the “Genre” section on their Facebook page PowerSolo have simply put is as: “It will heal you”….and you know what, I definitely felt regenerated and invigorated after one of their shows!  Sasquatch was a track that really stood out for me (how could a song about Bigfoot not not stand out though!).  This track has it all: Kix’s deep growling, tameless grrr’s, layers of fierce, highly addictive psych-surf guitar riffs, heavy, rolling drums and the most memorable lyrics you’ll ever hear about the legendary Sasquatch!!!  Check it out above.

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