SONG OF THE DAY Dogbreath – Gotta Go

“Well if American soul has its origin in hot,steamy southern baptist churches going wild, our comes from cold,quiet intellectual protestant meetings”….(Per Ahman of Dogbreath)

A deep resonating fusion of bluesy funk-punk erupted from Sweden’s Solleftea over 16 years ago and its taken me this long to discover Dogbreath!  Though it isn’t any wonder really, this band have not exactly been widely broadcasted, but those in the know, know, and those that have become acquainted with this raucous bunch all seem to really love them!

Is is just pure coincidence that the origin and homeland Dogbreath just happens to be the sister city to Madison Mississippi? I dare say it is, but their potent sound, rooted in heavy, raw-blues is certainly no coincidence, for this is the essence of Dogbreath.  From what I can gather the 4-piece have had only two albums with nothing documented after 2007, which makes you wonder why their musical career was so relatively short-lived?  Entitled Gotta Go and released on Rootsy/Dogbergs, today’s song appears on the band’s 2006 album Taste It!

My first encounter with this song was at a festival I was at this weekend and was one of many very smashing tracks to come from this mighty set a DJ was playing.  Imagine this very loud!!….it was quite pleasant indeed!  What I love most about this track is the way it relentlessly rides the back of a colossal beat! (A Bo Diddley rhythm in fact!).  It’s not often you hear a song with so much emphasis put on the rhythm, but the primal clatter of these mighty drums is what drives this song, steering it through howling guitar bends as deep gruff vocals add their own rhythmic layer…It’s a big sound rotating around a big beat, what more could you  ask for! Check it out above (I’ve included a live version!!).

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4 Responses to SONG OF THE DAY Dogbreath – Gotta Go

  1. dicksaunders says:

    Great blog! I discovered you via my friend Per whos the singer for Dogbreath. Cheers!

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  2. Thank you so much Rick, I appreciate that! 🌈☺️ I only discovered Dogbreath recently and love their sound! You have a blog too?


  3. dicksaunders says:

    I do. Ive been writing/posting about alt/punk-infected blues for close to 20 years via my blog It’s always good to see another music blog still surviving as most died years ago.

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  4. That’s impressive, 20 years! I’ll find your blog now and check it out. I did have a quick browse for realdeepblues last night, but will find it out properly now. I hope to be like you, I hope to keep this going for as long as I can…and as long as there is new/old music out there waiting to be discovered and shared, I’ll keep posting. ☺️
    I’ve only been doing my blog for 4 years, but in that time I can see how much more my music taste has evolved, expanded and developed..I love it. 🎶


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