SONG OF THE DAY Guadalupe Plata – Corralera del veneno

It’s virtually impossible for me to pick out my favourite song by today’s band of choice, they are quite possibly one of the rarest things I’ve ever seen live and their music is is unique for a multitude of reasons.  Forget intros/verses/chorus’, forget structure, in fact forget convention altogether; this band warps, twists and bends the ‘norm’, obscuring the boundaries of time, space and genre as it boundlessly defies expectation through experimentation!

Consisting of Carlos Jimena (drums), Paco Luis Martos (bass/guitar ), Pedro De Dios (guitar/vocals), Spanish blues trio Guadalupe Plata are the most fascinating and eclectic fusion of blues, psychedelia and rockabilly.  They have been recording for nearly a decade, with their 5th self-titled album released last year via Spanish label, Everlasting Records.  At just over half an hour long the record has utilised each second wisely, creating a wealth of sound that leaves you wanting more!

“Guadalupe Plata” (2018/19) is, in the group’s own words, “a new attempt to go further and beyond, in our crusade for regression and the idea of creating our own personal “Gris Gris.  Our idea was to get closer to the ceremonial, the sacred and the ritual sounds of our country from one end to the other, the different folk musics, the music that is made in backyards with whatever instruments come to hand, or to accompany the various ritual “fiestas” that take place all over Spain

Listening to this band is thoroughly satisfying and intriguing, but seeing them live takes this pleasure to a whole new level and unless you actually get to see this for yourself its hard to convey the powers they have to possess and hypnotise.  This is potent, lingering tripped-out blues, where distorted psychedelic compositions cast sonic sorcery.  Each voodoo spell steals your body and makes your limbs dance!  On stage this transfixing trio really connect, this divine union of minds join together to create what sounds like the most drawn-out improvised jam you’ll ever hear.  Howls, chants and snake-like hisses are a common vocal factor throughout, their curious yelps and melodic chants make me think of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.  A dusty guitar lick creates a spaghetti western imprint on these deep-blues, rock & roll infused tangents which, in places, makes me think of Alan Vega’s Cubist Blues record.  The drumming…..this is often the element I am most drawn when I watch a band and its not often I get to see such intricate flourishes and astounding technique such as this! Once upon a time I started to learn to play the drums and the effortless precision with which Carlos Jimena demonstrates is everything I aspired to be!  His arms barely moved an inch, but his ability to control the drums natural bounce permits the fastest, craziest, jazz-infused beats you could imagine!  The purr of the snare with each swift buzz roll, the cutting rim-taps and striking loud-soft dynamics.  This, coupled with Paco Luis Martos’ ultra-slick bass lines completes what is a mighty fine rhythm section!  Which just leaves Pedro De Dios and his monster Slide Guitar licks and diverse vocal layering!

This band have definitely made an impression on me and if you haven’t heard them yet, check out Corralera del veneno above – taken taken from their latest record.  If you are already familiar, however, I dare say you will not be disappointed with their latest offering?

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