SONG OF THE DAY Oh Sees – I Agree

Originally released in 2006 as 6″ lathe cut vinyl, plus 3″ CDr in two numbered editions, the Oh Sees have (yesterday) released a limited edition, reissued/remastered Creeping Moss Edition of their Grave Blockers EP!!!

Encased in a brown paper wrapping this understated disc is (according to their Bandcamp page) “a time-capsule back to Dwyer’s early SF days, janglingly fingerpicked wisps of melody and electronics baking in the all-too anemic sunshine of San Francisco’s elusive summer”.  The Oh Sees have decided to give this (possibly) bygone, but by no means forgotten release “the treatment” hoping it will “awaken the gentle glow of possibility dappled with the dancing shadow of danger that it stirs around this castle.” 

Opening track I Agree is a work of simplistic beauty.  It’s a love song with a twist, subtle in its delivery, evading the gushiness of predictable sentiment.  Lyrics are sparse, but say more than enough in their stripped-back glory and as the delicate hum of soft strings weaves their magic, the ending takes you to a place you don’t necessarily anticipate..and I like that! Listen above.

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