SONG OF THE DAY Ane Brun feat. José Gonzalez – Worship

For some reason I’ve never delved extensively into everything José Gonzalez has done, but what I do like, I really like! Today’s song is definitely one of those!

For this track Gonzalez made a guest appearance on Norwegian singer-songwriter Ane Brun’s 2011 album, It All Starts with One.  This was to be her fourth solo album and featured today’s haunting stunner, Worship.  Even without watching the accompanying video – which was directed by Magnus Renfors as part of a short film based on music by Ane Brun – this track is elegantly bewitching, but the video (however you choose to interpret it) leaves a lasting impression and for me I was moved.  Without many plays at all this song got firmly stuck in my head and for days after hearing it I just kept humming and singing it to myself…I still do!  Musically it has attained the perfect balance between both vocalists, their soft tones mingling together without overpowering one another, whilst delicate strings embellish the melody with mysterious luster.  It is simply a beautifully constructed and gracefully delivered piece of music!  Check it out above and watch the video below.

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