SONG OF THE DAY Heaters – Levitate Thigh

Previously known as the Plantains, Michigan’s the Heaters play a mean mix of garage rock, surf and psych!  Consisting of Andrew Tamlyn and Nolan Krebs (old high school friends), members Joshua Korf and Ryan Hagar joined the group shortly after Tamlyn and Krebs relocated to Grand Rapids, Michigan in the summer of 2013.

Writing all their material together from a home studio, the band quickly set about creating their own take on West Coast psych rock, releasing a handful of DIY EP’s, split records and a 10″ in their first year together!

Described by Pitchfork as “catchy and kinetic” the group, now signed to New York’s Beyond Is Beyond Records, continue to craft heavy psych-laden, hook-filled songs, releasing their 5th album last year!  Levitate Thigh was released as the b-side to their 2015 single Mean Green and in keeping with their signature sound, is a fuzz-fuelled and reverb-brimming fusion of heavy garage rock, awash with snarling guitars and distorted, melodic vocals.  Check it out above and watch a live performance of the song below.

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2 Responses to SONG OF THE DAY Heaters – Levitate Thigh

  1. Paul White says:

    Not too shabby; I just wish you could make out the words a bit. Then again, maybe they’re not meant to be “readily” heard, if you know what I mean. I like the tempo changes, otherwise I may have given it just a “meh”… Somewhat reminds me of “Double Vision” by The Ponys. I give it an “8” for its genre.


  2. Hi Paul
    Thanks for your comments. I agree, it’s definitely tricky to make out all of what they are singing, but I also agree that this could be intentional and that, coupled with the effects/reverb, this all adds to the desired hazy sound? Invariably (as in in a lot of music) it can be hard to detect every lyric. The tempo changes do indeed add good dynamics (am I right in understanding that without these tempo changes you wouldn’t have liked the song so much?). Just checked out The Ponys and can see what you mean. An 8 is a decent score – assuming you mean out of 10?! 🙂 Have you listened to The Heaters “Master Splinter”, this live version is good? Have you listened to the Mystery Lights or the Growlers..? They are worth checking out too…in fact there are so many of these psych-inspired bands out there now..its glorious.


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