SONG OF THE DAY The Third Guitar – Baby Don’t Cry

Released in 1968 on Harlem, New York’s Rojac Records, today’s song is anything but  sorrowful; something that the title would possibly elude to?

Baby Don’t Cry is a masterpiece of fierce, soulful funk!  A mighty celebration of sound thriving with vibrant horns, smooth bass and the sharp, James Brown-sounding vocals of singer, Eddie Holloway.  The Miami vocalist was a member The Third Guitar and wrote this tasty chunk of r&b groove in the late 60’s.

Known as one of the most representative and popular 45’s of the deep funk genre, this track is also huge favourite producer/DJ Keb Darge and if you are ever lucky enough to stumble on a copy of the original, you could expect to fetch over £300 for a decent copy!  Check it out above.

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2 Responses to SONG OF THE DAY The Third Guitar – Baby Don’t Cry

  1. Paul White says:

    Oh man, this one cooks! I can see the revolving crystal ball above, with James Brown’s soul brother belting it out on the stage below… Pump that bass up a bit more, and there’s no chance of an empty dance floor!

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  2. Doesn’t it just!!!!! What a track!!!


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