SONG OF THE DAY Thee Kavaliers – Symbols Of Sin

Tonight’s rather catchy little nugget was released on the Texan label, Pharoah Records in 1967.  Written and performed by Thee Kavaliers, a.k.a The Cavaliers, Symbols of Sin was one of four singles (see all 45 releases below) that the group put out on the Pharaoh label – these releases also happened to be the most of any artist on that label!

I’m not even entirely sure who played what instrument, or even who was exactly in the band, but Billy Rowe was a member of the group early-on and Javier Rios became their leader, writing and co-writing most of their original songs.

Symbols of Sin is a take on Wilson Pickett’s 1966, Land of 1,000 Dances, but really gets moving once the guitar break starts, offering-up a more raw, garage rock alternative to the soulful original …Check it out above…

“Pride” (Billy Rowe) / “Sea Weed” (Frank Barrera) (Oct. ’65)
“That Hurts” / “Symbols of Sin” (both by Javier Rios, July ’66)
“The Last Four Words” / “Ballad Of Thee Kavaliers” (Sept. ’66)
“Congregation for Anti-Flirts, Inc” / “Back to You” (Jan. ’67)

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