SONG OF THE DAY Dillon & Paten Locke – Rap Safari (J​-​Zone Remix) feat. Phill Most Chill & J​-​Live

“No gimmicks, no punches pulled. Just rugged beats & raw rhyming…” (Vindig)

A wild menagerie of sound leaps out from a jungle of big beats and exotic soundscapes; there can only be one name for such a song and that is Rap Safari! I only stumbled upon the track earlier today so I don’t have a wealth of information at hand, but what I do know is that today’s song was created by MC Dillon Maurer and producer/DJ  Paten Locke.

Following their 2009 debut album, 2nd LP, Food Chain was released until six years later and took three years to complete.  Released via their own imprint Full Plate, the record was entirely produced by Locke and Dillon and features a wealth of guests including Homeboy Sandman, Black Sheep Dres, Count Bass D, Supa Dave West, J-Live, Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan), Boog Brown, Phill Most Chill (of The Fabreeze Brothers), Malkovich, ToneTank, Alexa Lima, Willie Evans Jr and the mysterious & mythical, LOBSTERDAMUS…..

The original version of Rap Safari appears on Food Chain, but the version I am featuring today is a remix (produced by J-Zone), which was released in 2018 on UK label AE Productions as well as Full Plate!  Rhythmically speaking I do like this version; from the juiciest of rolling beats to lithe lyrical licks, the slower pace seems to bring out the groove more and I like that…Its a rhythmic beast!

Check it out above and if you want to listen to more from the duo, you can do that here. 


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