SONG OF THE DAY Monks – I Hate You

Image result for the monksKnown as one of the most pioneering bands of its time, the Monks were an american garage-rock band formed in Gelnhausen, West Germany in 1964.  Assembled by five US GI’s who were stationed in Germany at the time, the band were driven by a desire to break free from the conventions of traditional rock.

Developing their own style as an experimental revolt against ‘the norm’ the band began to carve out their very own sound putting more emphasis on hypnotic rhythms instead of the melody.

Everything about this group was different.  Their approach was both progressive and innovative as they explored new musical realms, incorporating shrill vocals, feedback  and guitarist David Day’s six-string banjo!  Their style set them apart from pretty much every other band of that time and even now they can still hold their own when it comes to uniqueness – a factor that even extended to their appearance (was which considered as shocking as their music) as they attempted to mimic the look of Catholic monks by wearing black habits!

Cited by many as one of the earliest pioneers of punk, the band’s lyrics were often centred around their objection to the Vietnam War and the dehumanised state of society.  Decades later and their music continues to influence, with artists such as the Dead Kennedys, Beastie Boys, Jon Spencer and Stephen Malkmus of Pavement all crediting the Monks as an inspiration.

I Hate You featured on the band’s one and only studio album, Black Monk Time which was released on Polydor Records in March 1966! As with all their songs this track was way ahead of its time; its release date is hard to pinpoint and you could even be fooled into thinking that this came out more recently?  Though this one album alone and additional singles issued throughout 1966 and 1967, the band impressively left their mark on music history…there’s nothing quite like the Monks and I love them!  Listen above.

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