SONG OF THE DAY Sleep Eaters – Life of Sin

C4D854E1-4FB8-4D4C-A812-6F96FE4FCDF3Exploding from the depths of East London in a rollicking ball of fuzzed-out mayhem,  Hackney’s Sleep Eaters emerged almost a year ago offering a refreshing take on genre close to my heart.  With a penchant for all things psychedelic, the 5-piece (featuring ex-members of Whistlejacket & Puffer) have spent the last few years making a name for themselves across London’s underground scene with their various DIY projects.

Swapping psych-rock for a more spaghetti-rock feel, the band have just unleashed another new track from their upcoming Holy Days debut EP which releases via Stockholm’s PNKSLM Recordings on August 9th! Life of Sin continues on a Western theme, dabbling with a Lee Hazelwood-style vocal approach whilst howling guitars fiercely gallop like a runaway horse through a desolate soundscape of broken dreams.  Check it out above and pre-order your copy of their forthcoming EP from here. 

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