SONG OF THE DAY Cal Tjader – Soul Sauce (Guacha Guaro)

The coolest soothing sounds blasted out from a radio show today and it felt like this piece of music had tuned right into my mood! I love it how different music on different days can resonate in so many different ways; today I am clearly feeling the Latin jazz magic of Cal Tjader’sSoul Sauce!

Callen Radcliffe “Cal” Tjader, Jr was an American Latin Jazz musician, known as the most successful non-Latino Latin musician!  A talented percussionist, Tjader was born in California and played the vibraphone primarily, but was more than accomplished on the drums, bongos, timpani and piano.  His life work as was based around jazz, the music of Cuba and the music of the Caribbean.  and throughout his vibrant career his diverse compositions allowed him to work with many musicians from several cultures. Linked to the development of Latin rock and acid jazz, Tjader works swung freely between both styles and in 1980 his  Grammy award in for his album La Onda Va Bien capped off a career that spanned over forty years.

Released in 1965 on Verve Records, Soul Sauce is a festivity of cascading vibraphone and zesty percussion; each beat an exotic burst of freshness in what is a most definitely a song of sunshine and spice.  Check it out above.

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