SONG OF THE DAY Yuppies Indeed – Be May She Ghost

Continuing with yesterdays tuneful psych-goodness, today’s song was released two years ago on California’s indie label, Burger Records.  A fine chunk of melodic garage-rock, Be May She Ghost is the work of Belarus group, Yuppies Indeed!

Taken from their 2016 album, Stropharia the track is mouthwateringly sweet and instantly addictive; one listen and its there, nestling in your ear canal like a tuneful comfort blanket.  The soft vocal “oh-oohs” mirroring the sweet-sounding psych guitar howls as the bass wraps you in its warm tones.  It’s just a real easy listen and authentically stamps its flower-pop print upon a long path of 60’s-inspired sounds.  Check it out above and listen to more from Yuppies Indeed on their Bandcamp page here. 

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