SONG OF THE DAY Jazz Spastiks & People Without Shoes – Step To (feat Bathtubbs & Nappy Red)

Hailing from Scotland, The Jazz Spastiks (a.k.a The Slipmat Brothers) are hip hop beat makers, dj’s and producers, Coconut Delight and Mr. Manyana.  Equipped with the fattest and most jazziest hip hop sounds, the duo create the very finest of organic, sample-based productions whilst paying homage to an era that, to them, embodies the classic sound of old school Hip Hop.

Growing up with a passion for all genres of music, the pair’s love for all things Hip Hop was ignited after discovering artists such as DJ Shadow and Jurassic 5 – it was this sound that would shape and influence their future musical projects and in an interview the pair described how: “We really love combining the rough and smooth elements of sound, juxtaposing some nice Rhodes piano with a gritty drum break. The rhythms and swing of Jazz music are an integral part of good Hip Hop along with funk and soul.”

Latest album Green Street (Deluxe Edition) dropped yesterday and features New York’s People Without Shoes.   Bursting with 26 tracks the LP features plenty of cool instrumental takes on featured tracks, delivering high quality beats, funky samples and rolling vocals.  Combining the old with the new this record has it all I tell you now, I love it from start to finish – quite a feat for me when it comes to Hip Hop….This record has got to be the easiest and most grooviest listen of the week for me without a doubt! Adorned with nothing but smoothness and style this is one record I’m totally getting into today! Check out featured track Step To above and listen/purchase Green Street from here.  – Loving the funky album cover too!!

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