SONG OF THE DAY General Assembly – Sensitive Mind

Today’s sensationally sensitive soul number was actually recorded a lot later than I’d expected, which surprised me a little today when I tracked it down.

Hitting out with a classic soul sound and emotive rich lyrics Sensitive Mind was recorded in 1979 by the Nashville, US band, General Assembly.  Led by guitarist/sax/vocalist Larry Perigo (who had been playing since he was 9) the band initially came together in 1969 after they became a part of the Phil Harris show in Las Vegas – the show also featured the Harry James Orchestra and Frank Sinatra, Jr.

It’s been tricky trying to locate more information other than their release of what looks to be their sole self-titled album (or is that soul) in 1979.  Sensitive Mind was the b-side to their Lovin’ Time 45 and I have to say that there is a discernible difference between the two tracks; the a-side doesn’t do that much for me at all but I really like the flip-side! Check it out above.

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