SONG OF THE DAY Tol-Puddle Martyrs – Time Will Come

For my last post before a short break away from all technology (well almost) I thought I’d share some rare Australian psych!!!

The band behind today’s track only cut a tiny handful of songs over two years and were relatively obscure even in their homelands, but made a big enough impression with what they did release to be highly regarded by many garage rock collectors!  Named after an incident which occurred in 1834, the Tol-Puddle Martyrs evolved out of the mid-60’s band, Peter & The Silhouettes.  The idea for such an odd name was inspired by six farm workers in Tolpuddle, England, who were banished to Australia for unionizing, and thus becoming known as the Tolpuddle Martyrs!!  Their first 45 was released in 1967 with today’s song, Time Will Come on the A-side and Social Cell on the flip-side.

Time Will Come has a very typical 60’s keyboard psyched-out sound with softened vocals contrasting the distorted guitar/organ riffs; but what I really like and what really sets the song apart is the ominous lyrics and the uneasy chord’ll know exactly what I mean when I listen to it.  A little darkness amidst what initially seems to be an upbeat vibe makes for a pleasant surprise!  Check it out above and I’ll catch you all next week!!

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