SONG OF THE DAY Untouchables – Crawlin’ (The Crawl)

Known as one of the raunchiest instrumentals every created, today’s sensational slice of saucy sleaze is entitled Crawlin’ (The Crawl) !!!

Originally released on Varsity Music’s Campus label in Philadelphia by Richie Mayo And The Paramours in 1957 (WHOSE VERSION IS MY FAVOURITE – see below), today’s rendition was released three years later by the Untouchables.  Coupled with Benny the Beatnik on the b-side, the Untouchables version was released on To-Da Music’s Rello label. While the personnel aren’t fully known, the guitar player (Frank Perry) for the Paramours appears to be part of this recording, and is given credit for composing this second version.

Both versions of Crawlin’ (The Crawl) were re-released in 2013 as part of an early rock revival on UK’s Jazzman Records….both versions are titty shakin’ tastic, but the original has a slower, more crawlin’ beat and this pace just gives it more of a spicy and erotic feel! Check them out and see what you think!?

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2 Responses to SONG OF THE DAY Untouchables – Crawlin’ (The Crawl)

  1. Goat2bdazee says:

    So much culture. Sexy af

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Completely and most definitely as cool, slinky and sexy af!!😎


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